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Privacy Policy

  1. Privacy System
    The Company considers the personal information of customers to be its important assets. Under the guidance of its officer in charge of the protection of personal information, the Company arranges the system for Privacy Policy and implements the protection of personal information and the training of employees concerning privacy.

  2. Handling of Personal Information
    In order to manage personal information appropriately, the Company follows Company rules in gathering, using, and entrusting the handling of personal information to third parties. Disposal of personal information shall also be carried out appropriately.

  3. Purpose of Use
    So that the Company may provide customers with better products and services, the Company makes use of personal information strictly within the terms of agreement obtained when conducting questionnaires, sample distribution, prize competitions, e-mail services, catalog sales as well as when receiving various consultations from customers. When gathering information, the purpose of use of such information is as clearly defined as possible and the scope of such information does not go beyond that which is required for the attainment of the purpose. If any necessity arises for the use of personal information beyond its initial purpose of use, the Company informs the customer about this new purpose prior to use and obtains the consent of the customer.

  4. Shared Use
    The Company may share the use of the following personal information with its subsidiaries.
    Items of personal data that may be shared:
    4.1. Names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, product purchase history.
    4.2. Purpose of questionnaires, product monitoring, campaign announcements, dispatch of products/prizes.
    4.3. Names of persons or corporations responsible for the management of personal information at Actstitude Sdn Bhd / Actstitude Pte Ltd.

  5. Disclosure/Supply of Personal Information
    The Company will not disclose/supply personal information of customers to third parties without prior consent given by the customer concerned unless there is some special circumstance such as the legal obligation for disclosure

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Privacy Policy